Over the past 10 years I have dealt with domestic abuse and child protection cases. Our goal is to always achieve the right results for our clients to protect them and their children from any further harm.

A Child Protection Case Study

I think one of the most memorable cases I have been involved in is when I received instructions from a young woman whose baby had become critically ill after being in the care of the father. The child had life changing and life limiting injuries due to a catastrophic head injury. This was a particular difficult case as I had a young child.

Applying for Court Orders

I immediately issued court proceedings and applied for a Non – Molestation Order to protect the mother and child from the father who was using threatening and intimidating behaviour and a Prohibited Steps Order to prevent the father removing the child from the hospital and the mother’s care. We were granted both orders by the Court.

Social Service Involvement

Social services became involved and issued care proceedings to share Parental Responsibility. What followed was thousands of pages of medical evidence, reports and assessments. We ensured everything was read so that my client knew the full extent as to what had happened to her child.

The Legal Proceedings

Over the months that followed we dealt with all the legal proceedings for our client and kept her up to date with every process explaining each stage to her. 

Exceptional Circumstances

Due to the fathers conduct we applied to the Court to remove the father’s surname from the child and remove the father’s Parental Responsibility. Both of which are exceptionally rare to obtain but given the circumstances I advised my client that I believed she had merit. The Court agreed and we were successful. My client was very pleased with the outcome. 

An Emotional & Complex Case

The injuries subjected to her child were beyond her control. She was given medical training and eventually her child was able to go home to her care. In what was a very emotional and complex case the court praised the mother for her exceptional parenting. 

The reason I am telling you about this case is because this is a case where the family had never been known to social services. It was an incident beyond our client’s control that launched her and her family into a highly complex and emotionally exhausting Court case. 

Abuse Does Not Discriminate

The reality is, abuse does not discriminate whether the victim is a child, an adult, male or female. It is extremely important that you obtain advice from an experienced solicitor who also has the passion and desire to obtain the right justice and results.

Finding Help With Maria Fogg Family Law

If you feel you are going through something similar to this domestic abuse case study its important you reach out for help. Find out more information on how you can find help on our Domestic Abuse webpage or our Child Contact webpage here.