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Domestic violence or abuse can happen to anyone.

Our Liverpool Domestic Abuse Services

At Maria Fogg Family Law, we can provide you with expert legal advice regarding injunctions. A Non-Molestation Order prevents further abuse. An Occupation Order allows the victim to remain in the home. It can include an Order that the perpetrator of the violence/abuse leave the home.

Our Specialist Family Law Solicitors

Our specialist domestic abuse solicitors fully understand the impact such behaviour has on the victim and the children. At Maria Fogg Family Law, we will do all we can to help and protect you and your family.

We can obtain Non-Molestation Orders (injunctions) within 24 hours.

Legal Aid For Domestic Abuse Funding

Our Firm offers Legal Aid for domestic violence funding to help protect victims of domestic violence. You may not have to pay anything.

If you are not eligible for Legal Aid, then you have the option to fund the matter privately. We offer competitively fixed fees.

What is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic violence/abuse can be physical, emotional, psychological, financial and sexual.

Domestic abuse covers a wide range of behaviour such as pestering, harassment, intimidation, threats and violence.

Who Can Experience Domestic Abuse?

Many people, male and female, experience domestic violence/abuse throughout their relationship or during the breakdown of a relationship. Domestic violence/abuse is a criminal offence, and nobody should feel they have to put up with such behaviour.

Please contact us for further information and advice.

What Can We Do?

If you feel you are in immediate risk, you should contact the police. Once safe, you can contact our specialist team of Domestic Abuse Solicitors, who can arrange Orders to ensure your safety. 

Liverpool Domestic Abuse & Violence

What Are Orders?

Injunctions & Non-Molestation Orders

Legal aid injunctions & Non-Molestation Orders are there to protect you by preventing further abuse. They prevent contact from the abusive party. Any breach of this Order is a criminal offence, and the offending party is liable to be arrested if it is broken.

The Injunctions and Non-Molestation orders can ensure protection from abuse in a number of ways:

  • Distancing from the abuser
  • Distance from home or employment location
  • Preventing contact
  • Preventing abusers contact from friends or family

For More information on Non-Molestation Orders click here.

Occupation Orders 

Alongside an injunction, it may also be necessary to seek for an Order to prevent a person from living or returning to the home that the victim of abuse occupies. Such an order can be made even if you do not own the home or if the tenancy is not in your name.

As well as these injunctions, other Orders may also be required. It may require an Order to prevent the abuser from living or returning to the victim’s home. This Order can also be made even if the victim is not the homeowner or the tenancy of the property is not in the victims name.

For More information on Occupation Orders here

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