Legal Aid Fees Funding

Legal Aid is still available. At Maria Fogg Family Law we can offer Legal Aid to clients if you are:

– a victim of domestic abuse or,
– if social services are involved with your children.

Please contact our office to discuss legal aid funding.

Fixed Fee

What areas of work can we offer under a fixed fee?

We offer advice and a range of services in relation to all areas of family law including:

Financial Matters
Adoption Change of Name Deeds
Care Proceedings
Civil Partnerships
Cohabitee Disputes
Domestic Abuse
Grandparents’ Rights
Pre-Nuptial Arrangements
Parental Responsibility
Parental Abduction
Specific Issue Orders
Prohibited Steps Orders

We will check whether legal aid is still available for your case but if not then we may be able to offer a fixed fee service.

What is a fixed fee?

A fixed fee is exactly what it sounds like. We will agree to undertake a specific piece of work at a fixed price.

We will agree with you what we will do and fix the price. Any legal issue involving your family or a relationship breakdown is stressful and can be an expensive experience. We aim to provide our clients with certainty on costs so wherever possible we will offer a fixed fee. Our fixed fees are aimed at keeping the strain that our clients face to a minimum. Our clients can have the certainty of knowing exactly how much their costs are. Not all work is suitable for a fixed fee and if this applies to your case we will advise you accordingly. In these cases then we will be able to give an estimate of our fee and we will not exceed this estimate without your agreement.

How does the fixed fee work?

Your case will be considered by one of our experienced staff. We will then agree the action that we will take and provide the fee that will be charged. We can offer a fixed fee for different stages of your case and you can purchase all or some stages to suit your individual needs or a package to deal with the whole of your case.

Unlike other firms you do not need to instruct us to deal with your whole case but can purchase legal advice for certain stages which you find difficult to deal with. We can offer a fixed fee to deal with all aspects of your case, including Court proceedings. You can limit your costs up to the stage that is purchased and then you have the choice whether or not to purchase the next stage. You have the control over how much your costs are. There are always occasions when the unexpected occurs and additional work is required. We will tell you immediately if this happens and no further cost is incurred until a further fee agreement is agreed.

Variations from the fixed fee can also occur if the work needed changes significantly. Your solicitor will consider the change and impact on your case. If the change means that the work required falls outside your agreed action you will be notified in writing and given the option of a new fee arrangement.

How do appointments take place during Covid-19?

Due to the current pandemic appointments will take place via telephone or Zoom.


Initial consultation and assessment of case with Annemarie (Solicitor/Head of the Family Department) and a letter to the other side.£200£40£240
Initial consultation and assessment of case with Natasha (Chartered Legal Executive Advocate) and a letter to the otherside.£175£35£210
Initial consultation and assessment of case with Charlotte (Fee earner) and a letter to the other side.£150£30£180
Change of name deed – Adult Only£60£12£72
Change of name deed – Child Only£60£12£72

An initial consultation will be required fees below:

Solicitor/Head of Department | £240
Chartered Legal Executive Advocate | £210
Fee Earner | £180

Work carried out by support staff
£150.00 per hour plus vat


Divorce/ SeperationFeeVATCourt FeeTotal
Divorce – Petitioner – Uncontested£400£80£593£1073
Divorce – Respondent – Uncontested.£200£40£240
Dissolution of Civil Partnership£400£80£593£1073


All finance work will be undertaken at an hourly rate only.

Solicitor/Head of Department | £200.00 plus VAT plus Disbursements (ie Court fees)
Chartered Legal Executive Advocate | £175.00 plus VAT plus Disbursements (ie Court fees)
Fee earner/ trainee Legal Executive | £150.00 plus VAT plus Disbursements (ie Court fees)

& Protection

Preparation of Non-Molestation/Occupation Application and supporting documents up to and including lodgement at Court.£500£100£600
Representation at without notice hearing.£400£80£480
Representation at a return date£400£80£480
Representation at final hearing (per day)£1000£200£1200
First consultation including considering papers (Respondent)£300£60£360

Fee Guide

Divorce/ SeperationFeeVATCourt FeeTotal
Preparation of application for an order (C100)£200£40£232£472
Preparation of application for order or directions or leave (C2)£100£20£155£335
Representation at first hearing (Applicant)£500£100£600
Representation at first hearing (Respondent)£400£80£480
Representation at a single direction hearing (Applicant)£500£100£600
Representation at a single direction hearing (Respondent)£400£80£480
Representation at final hearing (per day)£1000£200£1200
Bundle preparation – dependent upon the case – this is at the fee earners discretion based upon time spent on preparation.
Any work outside the above is charged at an hourly rate i.e. complying with directions. 

All work outside of the fixed fee is to be undertaken at the hourly rate of the allocated fee earner.

Please contact us for further information and advice.