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Divorce and the breakdown of family relationships is one of the most stressful and difficult times – we are here to help. It affects your personal happiness and health and also has implications on the financial position of you and your children. At Maria Fogg Family Law firm, we provide a full range of services with respect to a divorce. This includes financial matters and child matters.

Matrimonial Causes Act

The Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 governs divorce in England and Wales. Parties must have been married for at least one year before Divorce Proceedings can be issued in the Family Court.

There is only one legal ground for a divorce “the marriage has irretrievably broken down”.

Divorce or Separation – April 2022

From April 2022, there will no longer be a requirement for the Petitioner to prove fault, and they will instead need to make a statement of irretrievable breakdown of marriage or a joint statement if both parties have applied for a divorce.

From April 2022, a divorce will take a minimum of 6 months. A divorce is a relatively straightforward procedure if your estranged spouse cooperates with the divorce. Generally, neither party has to attend Court for the divorce.

It may be prudent to resolve financial matters before applying for a divorce. This is because upon Final Decree your marriage ends and, therefore, so do many rights you previously had under the Inheritance Rules. As well as your rights with regards to Insurance Policies and Pension Provisions.

Judicial Separation

Judicial Separation is an alternative to divorce. It is generally sought by religious couples.

Judicial separation is the same procedure as divorce, except the Court grants a Decree of Judicial Separation. This is instead of a Final Decree for a divorce. With Judicial Separation, the parties remain married to each other and cannot remarry. Spouses can apply for Judicial Separation at any time and within one year of the marriage.

At Maria Fogg Family Law, we can advise you on the legal implications of Judicial Separation.

Dissolution of Civil Partnerships

Civil Partnerships are governed by the Civil Partnership Act 2004. As with married couples, civil partners cannot apply for Dissolution within the first year of the Civil Partnership. There is only one ground for a dissolution that is that the Civil Partnership has irretrievably broken down.

From April 2022, there will no longer be a requirement for the Petitioner to prove fault, and they will instead need to make a statement of irretrievable breakdown of marriage or a joint statement, if both parties have applied for the Dissolution.

As with married couples, the Court has the power to make Orders with regards to financial matters and child contact matters.

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Maria Fogg Family Law are specialist family law solicitors who believe that resolution and minimising the stress and difficulties is the key to reducing the effects on families and creating the least animosity possible. We have a range of specialist divorce lawyers in Liverpool to help you work through this period within your relationship. We want you to achieve your preferred outcome in the smoothest way possible.

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Financial Help For Divorce & Separation

Legal costs are always a concern, and we fully understand that. We provide more information on our Legal Aid and Funding Fees page here. We provide fixed fees for our divorce services to help suit your budget and requirements. You may be eligible for legal aid, and if we believe you are, we can work with you to help you gain this. 

We work closely with the Legal Aid Agency, and this can be a useful and powerful asset to help with legal fees.

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At Maria Fogg Family Law, we can provide you with full expert legal aid and advice regarding divorce, as well as Judicial Separation and Dissolution of Civil Partnerships.

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