Family Law – Child Contact

At Maria Fogg Family Law, we seek to resolve child disputes as amicably and swiftly as possible. This is to prevent any distress to the child and their parents. Parents can agree child arrangements between themselves. Sadly, due to individual circumstances or a variety of other reasons parents may not be able to agree on residence. There may also be disagreements about child contact or other issues involving the child(ren).

Our Family solicitors can provide expert legal advice and negotiate a solution with the other parent or their solicitor. If the dispute cannot be resolved, Court Proceedings can be issued for a Judge to make a decision into an Order.

Family Law - Child Contact

Types of Child Contact Orders

Child Arrangements Order

This application is usually made when a parent or family member wishes to have contact with a child or wishes for the child to live with them.

Specific Issue Order

This application is usually made when there is one specific problem that a parent or family member requires the Court’s help with. For example, this may include changing a child’s name or obtaining consent to take a child on holiday.

Prohibited Steps Order

Prohibited Steps Order in the UK is an application that is usually made to prevent an action happening. This may be to prevent a parent taking the children out of the country.

Any Order the Court makes in respect of a child must be in the best interests of the child. This is because the child’s welfare is the Court’s paramount consideration.

At Maria Fogg Family Law, we have a wealth of experience dealing with child matters such as residence, contact problems, child abduction and other child-related issues.

Legal Aid Funding

Our Firm offers Legal Aid funding for Child Arrangements if you meet the criteria. If you are not eligible for Legal Aid, then you have the option to fund the matter privately. We offer competitive fixed fees.

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