Protecting your Interest in Property

If the property was purchased and registered in your estranged spouses, civil partners or cohabiting partners sole name that you have a financial interest in that property it is important to receive immediate legal advice on registering your financial interest against that property at H M Land Registry.

If you have not registered your interest in the property, your estranged spouse or partner or cohabiting partner could sell or remortgage the property without your knowledge or consent to try to stop you making a claim against the property.

At Maria Fogg Family Law we can provide you with full advice regarding the registration of your interest at H M Land Registry and draft the necessary documents to protect your financial interest.

If your estranged spouse, civil partner or partner refused to give you your share of the property you can make an application to the Court for an Order.

Maria Fogg Famly Law can fully advise you regarding financial matters and can draft consent orders placing before the court for the district judge to approve.

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